Suppose if you want to execute certain statements for multiple times then you have to write them multiple times which make the program complicated and lenghty. To overcome this problem C language provides a feature called as looping.

Looping is a process in which given blocks of statements repeatedly executes till the condition is true. Looping is one of the most important concept in C programming language. Looping allows us to save our time by minimizing the number of statements which makes the program smaller and also helps to save our time.


In C programming language there are four types of looping statements:

  1. while loop

    while loop is used to execute blocks of statements repeatedly until the condition returns false.

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  2. do..while loop

    do..while loop is similar to while loop except, in do while loop the loop body is executed at least one time even if the condition is false.

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  3. for loop

    for loop is a controlled loop which uses three expressions among which first is the initialization, second is the test condition and the last one is the counter updater.

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